Streetman Games Devlog

Bible Books Quest game screenshot collage 1/19/2024
New Game In Development


A month or so ago I started work on a new game, Bible Books Quest. This will be a more extensive game with many levels linked by a map plus a "library" where collected Bible books must be placed in the correct order on the shelf. The intent of the game is to have fun playing through the levels, avoiding dangers, collecting treasures and Bible books, solving puzzles, and ultimately, memorizing the books of the Bible.

The main levels are platformer-puzzlers in which the player must safely navigate the platform and solve puzzles to gain access to the Bible books and other elements before the level can be completed. Once a level has been completed the player is returned to the map where they can continue on to the next level, go to the library to shelve the books collected, or go to the main menu "town" ("Bibleton") to make changes.

Pothole Pandemonium screenshot collage 1/13/2024
Pothole Pandemonium Released


The idea for Pothole Pandemonium came to me back in December of 2023 while looking through an old Compute!'s Gazette magazine after seeing a game for the Commodore 64 and VIC-20 (both of which I had when I was younger). Based on Git commits it looks like I then started on the project in May of 2024.

I learned quite a bit about development in Godot from some online courses I purchased from GDQuest, and gained some experience from a couple game jams. But this game was my first non-game-jam game made with Godot. I learned a lot throughout the development process too. In fact, if I expand the game as I plan to do, I might do some re-writes using some of the things I have learned.